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Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation

Rimon’s Employee Benefits attorneys handle a comprehensive range of issues concerning employee and executive compensation, benefit plans and arrangements. We assist our clients in developing and retaining a productive workforce at reasonable costs.

Our lawyers have counseled companies ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations. For most of our clients, regardless of their size, human capital is their most valuable asset. And in today’s competitive job market, few features better retain and attract employees than the right compensation and benefits programs. Choosing the right program, however, is complex since it requires engagement with federal and state laws, regulations, court decisions, and unexpected entanglements.

With decades of experience in law, business and university leadership positions, Rimon’s attorneys are intimately familiar with executive agreements and compensation, employee benefits, and U.S. employment law matters. We have represented a range of interests, from one-man start-ups to multimillion-dollar companies. Our services entail critical engagement with:

  • COBRA continuation
  • HIPAA privacy
  • Withdrawal liability
  • 401(k) plans
  • Union contract negotiations
  • Pensions
  • Cash balance plans
  • Disability plans
  • Life insurance
  • ESOPs
  • Counsel top-level executives in the negotiation and documentation of their compensation and benefit agreements
  • Taft-Hartley and governmental plans
  • Post-retirement compensation
  • Health care arrangements (health, dental, vision, and nursing plans)
  • Designing and documenting compensation arrangements that may include: stock options, phantom stock, and other equity and non-equity elements
  • Analysis of investment decisions in conjunction with their investment advisors
  • Mediation
As Rimon’s employee benefits & executive compensation attorneys work closely with the Corporate, IP, Tax, and Litigation teams, the depth of coverage for our clients is truly comprehensive. Accordingly, we provide legal assistance when disputes arise, such as IRS or DOL audits of a client’s plan, disputes over benefit coverage, or when plans and service providers cannot agree regarding the scope of services that will be provided or the standard of care that should be exercised. Also, Rimon’s attorneys are involved in disputes that arise when there are post-employment disputes regarding breaches of obligations either by ex-employees or by their former employers. They have helped clients to:
  • Design and draft a broad array of tailored compensation and benefit plans and agreements
  • Assist with benefits issues in corporate transactions and restructuring
  • Offer advice with regard to employment law and labor relations issues
  • Advise government clients and union-represented employees on rights and obligations (OPEB)
  • Assist with plan administration and management
  • Provide counsel in benefit litigation
  • Represent the full spectrum of employee-related considerations in family-owned startups to Fortune 500 companies
  • Advise in benefits issues such as plan mergers, federal, state, and local employee governance law, liability transfers, and discrimination (age, disability, gender, race, and domestic partnership) issues

Rimon Attorneys With Expertise in Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Include: