The entrepreneur’s guide to surviving corona featured in U.S. 1 News

Insights The entrepreneur’s guide to surviving corona featured in U.S. 1 News Dror Futter · May 28, 2020

Remember all those articles about whether venture was overvalued? With blinding speed, they now seem quaint. Bluntly stated, most venture backed companies are in a fight for survival. Although certain areas of life sciences may do somewhat better, I think the impact will be widely felt. Complicating the fight is the fact that no one can predict how long it will last and what the immediate post-Corona economy will look like.

To survive entrepreneurs need to focus on actions within their control. Based on past downturns, it is impossible to overstate the importance of having cash in the bank and a flexible cost structure to weather the storm.

This article highlights what ventures can do to increase their ability to survive the Corona Crash. First, the article discusses how the current situation is likely to impact your venture and your key stakeholders — investors, customers, and suppliers. Then it highlights the levers you can deploy to lengthen your runway and increase your flexibility.

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