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When Artists Skyrocket: the Fine Art Sale versus Consignment Conundrum

Insight Sam Miller Sam Miller · March 24, 2020

Catching a shooting star is one of the joys of collecting fine art.

You catch an artist early, and watch them go from obscurity to adulation, along the way riding the wave of popularity and reveling in your talent-spotting brilliance.

If you miss the opportunity, the curve of popularity accelerates quickly, the market takes hold, artworks become scarce and prices skyrocket, the ship having sailed, the horse having bolted, it's too late to get on board. Read the full article here.

Sam Miller, Rimon Corporate Partner, advises clients in acquisitions and disposals, corporate finance, corporate and partnership structuring and shareholder, operating and buy-sell agreements, general corporate matters, supply, distribution, consignment and inventory management arrangements, and other commercial transactions. He has extensive experience in the metals and transportation industries as well as with technology start-ups, particularly token-driven blockchain businesses, and also advises clients active in the fine art markets. Sam is licensed in California, England and Wales, and South Africa, with specific expertise in all three jurisdictions. He is adept in helping his clients navigate the intricacies of cross-border business and inward investment. Sam has advised clients in a range of countries, including England, Spain, France, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, South Africa, Hong Kong, South Korea, and the United States. Read more.

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