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The New York State 2016 Renewable Energy Conference. Key take-aways and insights on Federal and State energy regulation by speaker and Rimon Partner Bernays T. Barclay

Insight Bernays T. (Buz) Barclay Bernays T. (Buz) Barclay · July 11, 2016

Mr. Barclay participated as one of the speakers at the Premier Renewable Energy Conference based on the East Coast. In his article, he summarizes his and other leaders’ contributions to the conference and covers all the basic aspects of our current Energy Policy paradigm.

  • Growth in renewable energy generation across the country is currently driven almost entirely by the RPS, excluding the part of the solar business that is driven by retail electric rates.
  • Federal tax benefits to renewables should be eliminated.
  • Investors are eager to support that world with a lot more, less restrictive and less expensive liquidity than the tax equity market provides now, including merchant deal financing that tax equity will not currently permit.
  • Tax benefits contributing 55-70% of renewable project capital requirements are keeping the industry from finding its footing, and that without them, State incentives would be all the more compelling.
  • There is a crying need for vastly more transmission to support renewables growth, but that it may ultimately only be served by a change in law that would site and award transmission facilities exactly like we do pipelines at the Federal level, with no advantage to incumbents.
  • (…)

You can read his full article here