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Entries tagged “New Generation Law Firm”

Practicing Law Should Not Be at Odds With One’s Well-being

Insight June 01, 2017
In this article published in The Florida Bar YLD’s Health & Wellness Section, Natasha Dorsey explains how Rimon attorneys can practice law without trading off their well-being. Harnessing the power of the internet and radically rethinking the law-firm structure, Rimon offers a new operating model that relies more on technology and

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Why Traditional Law Firms Reject Flat Fee Billing - Law360 Article by Rimon’s CEO

Insight Michael Moradzadeh Michael Moradzadeh · July 17, 2016
Rimon's Founding Partner and CEO, Michael Moradzadeh, writes about the benefits of flat fee billing for clients, lawyers, and law firms in this article published in Law360. He also shares why the pyramid model of traditional law firms center on hourly billings of associates and junior partners, making flat fee billing and

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Forbes Article by Rimon CEO:  Law Firms Join The Destructive Dance To Higher Associate Salaries

Insight Michael Moradzadeh Michael Moradzadeh · July 15, 2016
(Go directly to article in Forbes here.) In the most enduring and infamous comment from the subprime meltdown, former Citigroup CEO Chuck Prince explained away his company’s disastrous leveraged lending before the crash with the comment that “as long as the music’s playing, you’ve got to get up and dance.”

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