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Entries tagged “Entrepreneurship”

“Plan Now for The Inevitable: What Business Owners Need to Know About Estate Planning” by Lisa Weinstein Burns for CBS

Insight Lisa Weinstein Burns Lisa Weinstein Burns · October 25, 2016
Tax planning, business succession planning, estate planning and estate administration Partner at Rimon, Lisa Weinstein Burns, explains to CBS Boston what business owners should know when managing their assets, taxes and organizational structure. She advises entrepreneurs on where to start when it comes to the initial responsibilities of business

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Rimon’s Michael Vargas appointed Chair of the Social Entrepreneurship Committee of the ABA Business Law Section’s Corporate Social Responsibility Task Force

News June 08, 2015
Rimon, P.C. is pleased to announce that Michael Vargas has been appointed Chair of the Social Entrepreneurship Committee of the ABA Business Law Section's Corporate Social Responsibility Task Force.  This Committee will focus on the interests of social entrepreneurs, mission-driven companies, and the attorneys who support them in the

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Choosing Values for Your New Startup

Insight September 03, 2009

So, you have this great idea, you are sure that it is going to be at least the next Google/Monster/Microsoft/Facebook. Now what?

Well, having a great idea is just the first step (and some say the easiest one) in a long long journey towards establishing your own living and kicking business. Since this platform of blogging requires us to divide this experience into small, 300-500 words sections, I find it to be a great opportunity to try to attack different aspects of starting up a new business one small piece at a time.

When Barak and I decided to “become serious” with the idea of www.Meijob.com, our first step was to sit and write down a business plan that we could present to potential investors. But how do you start writing a business plan? What is the “must have” information? How are we going to translate the storm in our heads into words and numbers?


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