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Entries tagged “Google”

ACGSV’s C-Circle on Reputation Management (Google & Cisco guest speakers)

Rimon Partner James C. Chapman will moderate this round table with the topic "Reputation Management in a World of Social Media Madness." Social media platforms are the most widespread and instantaneous form of global communication and information sharing used by consumers and businesses. Thus, protecting and managing a company's online

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Microsoft Buys Skype, Obtains FTC Approval

Insight June 30, 2011

Microsoft made the headlines on May 10, 2011, when it acquired videoconferencing giant Skype for a reported $ 8.5 billion.  Following the antitrust procedure of the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act, the companies filed a pre-acquisition notification to the various government bodies, required before the deal can be finalized. 

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No Smooth Road for Tech Giants

Insight September 08, 2009

Oracle’s takeover of Sun Microsystems is facing the European Union’s competition regulator’s investigation, and the prospect of Google’s ambition of building a digital library is still unclear because some publishers and writers reckon the accessibility of large volume of online books will damage their economic interests. While small tech companies and start-ups are worrying about their sources of capital and the outlet of their products, the big tech companies are also undergoing tough scrutiny from both the governments and their competitors.

Oracle’s deal is a typical M&A deal among two tech companies in order to complement each other and expand their market shares, and it is not uncommon to trigger the anti-trust examination. Google’s “monopoly” is sort of untraditional, since the platforms of the competition are not overlapping: one from the physical word, i.e., the physical books, and the other is from the virtual word, i.e., the books on the internet.

I do like Google’s fantastic idea of making millions of books digitally available to the general public, and do admire its ability of making it true. While creation is the life of a tech company; having a good idea and making it good is the key to the success of a tech company, no matter it is only a startup or a giant.


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