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Entries tagged “International Taxation”

Prominent International Tax Attorney Susan Klein joins Rimon as a Partner in Chicago Office

News June 02, 2015
Chicago (June 2, 2015) Expanding its team of tax attorneys, Rimon Law has added Susan F. Klein as a Partner in its Chicago office. Ms. Klein was previously a partner at both Polsinelli and Winston & Strawn. Ms. Klein represents clients in tax and private international transactions matters, including mergers, acquisitions and

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Important Tax Issues for Companies with U.S. and Israeli Operations

Insight September 17, 2009

If you are a company with operations in both the United States and Israel, you should be aware of several very important U.S. and Israeli Tax issues when you engage in cross border operations. I have set forth below several of the main issues. This list is not exhaustive and only reflects briefly the main tax issues. Other issues such as employment, banking, intellectual property rights, custom duties etc. will be addressed in other communications.

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U.S. Reporting of Undisclosed Foreign Accounts

Insight September 01, 2009

The IRS has now implemented a special approved penalty framework for resolving the civil side of offshore voluntary disclosures and this approved penalty framework is effective till September 23, 2009 at which time the IRS intends to re-evaluate the approved penalty framework. Under the approved penalty framework, the taxpayer has to file correct or amended tax returns for tax years 2008 back to 2003.

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