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Entries tagged “Higher Education Future”

Presidencies Derailed; Why University Leaders Fail and How to Prevent It.

Insight Stephen Joel Trachtenberg Stephen Joel Trachtenberg · June 14, 2016
In this book, former university president and Rimon Partner Stephen Joel Trachtenberg deeply explores the reasons why universities' presidencies fail and how higher education institutions' leadership can prevent future management failures.  Mr. Trachtenberg, along with other professors and former chancellors in

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What will universities look like in 2030? Insights on technology usage and its ramifications.

Insight Stephen Joel Trachtenberg Stephen Joel Trachtenberg · January 04, 2016
Stephen Trachtenberg, Rimon Partner and President Emeritus of George Washington University in Washington DC., offers insights on the history of higher education in the U.S. and analyzes how technology is altering its evolution. In this article, posted on Times Higher Education, Mr. Trachtenberg explores the very palpable digital tools of our

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