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Entries tagged “Trademark”

SCOTUS Holds Licensee May Continue Using Trademark After Rejection in Bankruptcy

Insight Douglas J. Schneller Douglas J. Schneller · June 11, 2019
The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the rejection in bankruptcy by a debtor-licensor of an executory trademark license does not terminate the licensee’s right to use the trademark but instead has the same effect as a breach of that contract outside of bankruptcy.[1] Consequently, the licensee may continue to use the

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Rimon’s Intellectual Property and Litigation Partner Maxim Waldbaum Speaking at AIPLA’s Design Rights Boot Camp

In April 2017, Mr. Waldbaum, along with the AIPLA DESIGNS Committee, created the first Design Rights Boot Camp to cover all aspects of IP protection for designs, including patent, trademark, copyright, unfair competition, states’ rights and common law. Continuing this concept, on August 5-6, 2019, the AIPLA will host a two-day Design Rights Boot

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Rimon Partner Mark Lee’s article “The European Union’s New Copyright Directive” published in the Daily Journal

Insight Mark S. Lee Mark S. Lee · March 01, 2019
Information wants to be free, but intellectual property wants to be protected. The tension between this durable cliché and fundamental principle has informed much of the political and legal debate surrounding the commercial rise of the internet over the past 25 years. This debate is presently centered in Europe, where the European Union

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Maxim Waldbaum Joins Rimon’s Intellectual Property Team in New York

News May 02, 2018
New York City – Noted first chair litigator Maxim “Mac” Waldbaum joins Rimon as a Partner in its Litigation and Intellectual Property (IP) groups. Mr. Waldbaum will work his international practice out of the firm’s New York City office. Mr. Waldbaum joins Rimon from Eaton & Van Winkle, where he was a Partner. Mr.

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Webinar: Mitigating IP Risks Before, During, and After an FTO Assessment

In this webinar, Rimon Partner Marc Kaufman and Questel Sales Director Austin Englert will discuss new techniques and tools for identifying and addressing intellectual property (IP) risk. You will learn how to identify potential hazards, convey them to business leaders, and develop strategies to achieve business goals while minimizing

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Intellectual Property and Commercial Litigation Attorney, Matthew Poppe, joins Rimon as Partner in its Palo Alto office

News July 07, 2017
(Palo Alto) July 1, 2017 - Matt Poppe joins Rimon Law as a Partner in its Palo Alto and San Francisco offices. His litigation experience spans a wide range of patent, other intellectual property, and commercial cases. Key clients include Varian Medical Systems, Dell EMC, eBay, Baidu, and Brocade. He has also represented a variety of

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Strengthening Commercial Identity: Trademarks and Small Businesses

Insight October 05, 2012

Somewhere in the suburbs of Seattle, never mind where exactly, there is a little apocryphal, bakery called FRIAR ANGELINO’S.  It makes the best bread imaginable – a circle of sourdough, with a flaky outer crust and a warm, spongy interior.  Above the entrance is an old weather-beaten sign depicting a rotund, smiling monk, with a bottle of wine in one hand and a loaf of bread in the other.  Not long ago, an investor approached the owner.  A deal was struck, and now FRIAR ANGELINO’S bakery franchises are springing up throughout the region.  The loaves of bread have also begun appearing in supermarkets, wrapped in simple brown paper bearing the bakery’s trademark:  the name FRIAR ANGELINO’S and a picture of a fat, smiling monk.

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Apple’s Continued Attempts to Trademark “App Store” may Fall Short

Insight July 08, 2011

Earlier this year in March, Amazon launched the Amazon Appstore, which was then a new avenue for buying Android apps.  Almost immediately after the launch, Apple proceeded to file a trademark infringement suit against Amazon over the usage of the “Appstore” phrase.  The case is contingent upon whether “app store” can be deemed a generic term that simply describes any app marketplace, as opposed to one of Apple’s trademarks – a unique, company-specific element that identifies the company’s brand and distinguishes its products and services from that of other companies.

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Geek in Trouble — Best Buy Believes Geeks will Get it in Trademark Infringement Dispute with Newegg

Insight June 24, 2011

Being that my brand is BrandGeek®, when I saw the Wall Street Journal headline, “Now That Everyone Wants to Be a Geek, Lawyers Have Been Called,” I thought trouble surely was headed my way.  Thankfully, I’m not pedaling electronics, nor religion via VW Beetle, so it appears I’m safe.  For now.  Imagine the panic when I first saw the headline in an e-mail from my friend Julie Markham at Greenlighted.  I could only imagine tomorrow’s headline, “Trademark Attorney Tried for Infringement,” but I knew I’d done my due diligence, so it had to be something else.

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Using Competitor’s Trademark as Advertising Keyword Deemed Infringement

Insight February 26, 2011

The U.S. District Court for the Central District of California recently ruled that the purchase of a competitor's registered trademark through Google Inc.'s AdWords program for sponsored keyword advertising on the search engine website constituted "use in commerce" under the Latham Act. 

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