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Entries tagged “Sports Attorney”

Rimon’s Law360 article: If a non-English speaking customer signs your release, does it count?

Insight Jill Haley Penwarden Jill Haley Penwarden · November 12, 2015

As a recreation provider, you have a strong liability release and ensure all of your customers sign it before participating. Since the courts have ruled that a liability release is a binding and enforceable contract, you’re covered, right? In most cases, yes … but what if your client doesn’t speak English and claims they didn’t understand what they were signing?

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Arrival of Jill Haley Penwarden to Rimon covered by The American Lawyer, Law360, and Bloomberg publications.

News September 16, 2015

Jill Haley Penwarden joined Rimon Law in its Entertainment / Sports and Recreation Practice Group at the beggining of August. 

Ms. Penwarden, a top litigator for the sports and recreation industry, will be a Partner in the firm’s newly-opened Lake Tahoe office.

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