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Entries tagged “Corporate Security”

Blockchain and Money Transmission: A New Horizon for Token-Driven Startups?

Insight Sam Miller Sam Miller · April 09, 2019
Tokens, security tokens, cryptocurrency, or however you wish to define the digital asset which distributed ledger technology has now allowed us to pull from ether, puts issuers and exchangers of this value within the cross-hairs of both Federal and State money transmitter regulation. The question becomes then whether token-driven blockchain

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Is There any Utility Left in Utility Tokens? The SEC Speaks

Insight Sam Miller Sam Miller · April 08, 2019
Unusually expressive on this topic, the Securities and Exchange Commission released two publications April 3rd, the first its “Framework for ‘Investment Contract’ Analysis of Digital Assets”, and the second a ‘no-action letter’ in favor of TurnKey Jet, Inc. Both were hailed as milestones for the SEC in dealing

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Essential Anti-Hacking Measures for All Organizations

Insight September 17, 2014
Rimon Partner John Isaza recently published an article in ARMA International's Information Management on how organizations can protect themselves against hacking. In "10 Things Organizations Should Do To Protect Against Hacking," he lays out ground rules for organizations that want to develop a plan to stay ahead of today's

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