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Entries tagged “Finance”

Changes in Tax Policy in Europe Will Impact U.S. Companies in the Digital Economy

Insight Claudio Palmieri Claudio Palmieri · Stephen Díaz Gavin Stephen Díaz Gavin · November 26, 2017
The increasingly digital nature of the world economy is changing not only models of commerce, but also how governments seek to tax economic activity that is conducted over the Internet.  How does the government of country Y tax the company that is physically located in country X, sells goods or services in country Y and then declares its

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AT&T’s Multibillion Dollar Purchase of Time Warner Might Fail for Not Involving FCC

Insight Stephen Díaz Gavin Stephen Díaz Gavin · November 21, 2017
Last year, AT&T proposed an acquisition of Time Warner under which AT&T will acquire Time Warner in a stock-and-cash transaction valued at $107.50 per share. The two parties had structured the deal so that no airwave licenses would be transferred, thus avoiding review by the FCC. However, by avoiding the public scrutiny of

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CFPB Director Cordray Announces Resignation

Insight John R. Mussman John R. Mussman · November 15, 2017
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray has announced his resignation.  Although not unexpected, his move may have far-reaching ramifications on the regulatory landscape in consumer finance and residential lending. You can read more here. John Mussman is a leading banking and financial services

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Arbitration Rule Overturned by Senate Action

Insight John R. Mussman John R. Mussman · November 01, 2017
Rimon Partner John Mussman discusses the Senate’s vote to scuttle the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s arbitration rule. The arbitration rule restricted financial service companies from forcing customers into arbitration, made it easier for customers to sue banks and financial firms and arguably would have encouraged class

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Chaos Sparks Corporate Exit from Catalonia

Insight Stephen Díaz Gavin Stephen Díaz Gavin · October 23, 2017
Spain’s central government has now invoked Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution to take control from the secessionist-oriented government in the region of Catalonia.  The executive of the Catalonian regional government will be replaced, the regional police and finances will be controlled from Madrid and regional elections will be

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Recording of Live Webinar: Buyer Beware – Are ICOs For You?

Oct 19, 2017 11:30AM - 12:00PM CT

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Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are financing mechanisms that have become very popular and controversial. In 2017 alone, ICOs have raised over $1.5 Billion. ICOs are offerings of digital tokens that rely on blockchain technology (similar to Bitcoin). The large majority of ICO investors are private individuals. In the fintech space, ICO funding has surpassed

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No Certainty in Future of Privacy Shield as Transatlantic Consultations Set to Begin

Insight Stephen Díaz Gavin Stephen Díaz Gavin · Claudio Palmieri Claudio Palmieri · August 08, 2017
Differences between the U.S. and the EU regarding transfers of Personal Data continue to haunt relations between the two trade giants. Commerce between the U.S. and EU depends on the ability to engage in regular transfer of data.  The Privacy Shield agreed to only last year by the EU and the US was intended to provide companies on both sides

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Insolvency of Alitalia Puts Creditors on Notice to Make Claims

Insight Douglas J. Schneller Douglas J. Schneller · Emma R. Larson Emma R. Larson · Stephen Díaz Gavin Stephen Díaz Gavin · Claudio Palmieri Claudio Palmieri · July 20, 2017
The May 2, 2017 bankruptcy filing for Alitalia might be the end of the journey for the troubled Italian flag carrier, but creditors in the U.S., Italy and elsewhere might still have a ticket to recover some claims. Alitalia has now also filed for bankruptcy protection in the U.S. under Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code. Chapter 15 was added

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Maintaining Your Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Just Got More Invasive

Insight Robin Powers Robin Powers · James Ballard James Ballard · July 17, 2017
Global Market Entity Identifier Utility (GMEI), an LEI issuer, is now requesting information relating to the parents of its registered entities.  The past information collected on an LEI entity, which consisted of self-identifying information, is known as “Level 1 Data.”  The additional information now being requested is

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New California Finance Lender Licensing and Residential Mortgage Lending Act Regulations Effective September 28, 2016: Financial Institution Subsidiaries and Affiliates Now Subject to Licensure!

Insight John R. Mussman John R. Mussman · Q. Scott Kaye Q. Scott Kaye · September 07, 2016
The California Finance Lenders Law exempts banks, thrifts and certain other financial institutions from its licensing requirements imposed on finance lenders and brokers.1 Similarly, the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act exempts banks, trust companies, savings and loan associations and other thrifts2 from its licensing requirements.3

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