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Entries tagged “Contracts”

Enterprise Playbook: Legal Challenges & Customer Relations During COVID-19

Insight Dror Futter Dror Futter · June 22, 2020
Rimon Partner Dror Futter was recently featured in venture fund Work-Bench’s Enterprise Playbook Series. In his article, Dror covers topics such as: How to best handle customer and contract evaluation, contract renegotiation, contract renewal, contract termination, handling non-paying customers, and force majeure. Read more here. Dror

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Getting out of, delaying, modifying, or enforcing contracts as a result of COVID-19 or related government actions and restrictions

Insight David W. Tate, Esq. David W. Tate, Esq. · April 28, 2020
Many businesses and contracting parties are looking at the possibilities of getting out of, delaying, modifying, or enforcing contracts as a result of COVID-19 or government actions and restrictions. Typical legal issues and arguments relating to those actions include: force majeure clauses, impossibility, commercial impracticability, frustration

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It’s Not Casual, It’s Business: Tips to Avoid Texting Your Way Into a Contract

Insight July 20, 2012

Message sent...wait, was that a contract?

With a daily average of 105 emails, 45 text messages, innumerable tweets, posts, and pics flying in and out at the click, the average professional participating in the global market economy has reached the era of informal instant communication. (The Radicati Group Email Statistics Report 2009-2013)

But despite the demands of integrating wide networks through multiple mediums, some things remain the same—like how we create a contract.

Here are some quick tips to avoid creating an unanticipated obligation: 

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