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Entries tagged “Investment Funds & Derivatives”

Repercussions of the S&P U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade for OTC Market Participants

Insight Robin Powers Robin Powers · August 11, 2011

On August 5, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) announced that it downgraded the United States to a AA+ rating from its longstanding AAA status. The immediate effects of S&P's downgrade are likely to be modest, largely because it was expected and at least partly discounted in advance. But for participants in the derivatives markets, the downgrade is another source of potential stress on top of the unknowns under Dodd-Frank.

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Dodd-Frank: Highlights & Implications

Insight Robin Powers Robin Powers · August 02, 2011

When Dodd-Frank was signed into law on July 21, 2010, it was the just the beginning of a very long process.  The Act came in at over 2,000 pages, but left the majority of the work - roughly 400 rules or studies - to 30 different federal agencies. Only 49 of the mandated rules have been finalized, and the deadline has passed for finalizing another 131.  An additional 200 rules have deadlines approaching. On Tuesday, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) unanimously approved three new derivatives rules, bringing the number of final rules it is required to implement under Dodd-Frank law to 10, out of over 50 proposed rules assigned to that agency.

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