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Entries tagged “Copyright Law”

Jill Berliner quoted in Vogue article about infringement of Rimon client Nirvana’s copyright

News August 09, 2019
Rimon Partner Jill Berliner was recently quoted in Vogue Business about copyright infringement on popular rock band Nirvana. Last year, Marc Jacobs released a Grunge Redux line with a T-shirt that had a familiar look. Nirvana also noticed the smiley face logo, which resembles the one famously used on its merchandise. That led Nirvana

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Warhol, Prince and a Case of Vanity Perhaps Not-So-Fair: Even Fine Art Colossuses Need Inspiration

Insight Sam Miller Sam Miller · July 10, 2019
What could be more flattering than arguably the greatest pop fine artist of all time copying your work? Well fine art photographer, Lynn Goldsmith, apparently wasn’t all too flattered when she saw Andy Warhol’s ‘Prince Series’ (of the singer, once known as “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince” or that

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Who Owns The Copyright In Work Created By A Contractor? A Trap For The Unwary

Insight December 29, 2011

It’s really basic: ownership of the copyright in work a business pays for can often be critical for successful commercialization of that work. Unfortunately, the U.S. Copyright Act contains arcane provisions that will often produce a counterintuitive result – leaving full copyright ownership with the contractor. How could this possibly be??

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Stopping Online Piracy - One Way or Another

Insight December 20, 2011

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), currently the subject of hearings in the House Judiciary Committee, has generated interest far beyond the community of copyright lawyers.

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