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Entries tagged “USPTO”

Apple’s Continued Attempts to Trademark “App Store” may Fall Short

Insight July 08, 2011

Earlier this year in March, Amazon launched the Amazon Appstore, which was then a new avenue for buying Android apps.  Almost immediately after the launch, Apple proceeded to file a trademark infringement suit against Amazon over the usage of the “Appstore” phrase.  The case is contingent upon whether “app store” can be deemed a generic term that simply describes any app marketplace, as opposed to one of Apple’s trademarks – a unique, company-specific element that identifies the company’s brand and distinguishes its products and services from that of other companies.

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Geek in Trouble — Best Buy Believes Geeks will Get it in Trademark Infringement Dispute with Newegg

Insight June 24, 2011

Being that my brand is BrandGeek®, when I saw the Wall Street Journal headline, “Now That Everyone Wants to Be a Geek, Lawyers Have Been Called,” I thought trouble surely was headed my way.  Thankfully, I’m not pedaling electronics, nor religion via VW Beetle, so it appears I’m safe.  For now.  Imagine the panic when I first saw the headline in an e-mail from my friend Julie Markham at Greenlighted.  I could only imagine tomorrow’s headline, “Trademark Attorney Tried for Infringement,” but I knew I’d done my due diligence, so it had to be something else.

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