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Entries tagged “Biglaw”

Rimon’s Innovative Model Featured in the Cover Story of Attorney At Law Magazine

News March 07, 2019
Attorney At Law Magazine analyzes Rimon’s alternative business model and compares it to the traditional rigid law firm structure. The article reveals the benefits that expat BigLaw Partners report when they transition to a hybrid virtual platform / brick & mortar firm like Rimon, including less overhead, entrepreneurship,

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Rimon’s New IP Team Featured in American Lawyer, Law360, The Recorder, and Global Banking and Finance

News September 27, 2018
Read the articles featuring Rimon in American Lawyer, Law360, Global Banking and Finance, and The Recorder, about Rimon's new 8-person Intellectual Property group in Silicon Valley. The group includes partners Karineh Khachatourian, Amir Tabarrok, Justin Zahrt, and Dr. David Xue along

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New Rimon Partner Patrick Kuehl’s Arrival and Opening of our New Kansas Office Extensively Covered by the Press

News August 29, 2018
Rimon's latest arrival to the firm, Patrick Kuehl Jr., who joined as a Partner the Litigation and Intellectual Property teams and who opened Rimon's new Kansas City office, was covered by Law360, IPPro Patents, and Intellectual Property Magazine. Mr. Kuehl joins Rimon from Husch Blackwell, where he was

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Peng Chen’s move from Morrison & Foerster to Rimon Extensively Covered by the Press

News April 02, 2018
Dr. Peng Chen, rated best Patent Lawyer in San Diego by US News and World Report's Best Lawyers, joined Rimon's Litigation and Intellectual Property groups in San Diego. Dr. Chen was previously a Partner at Morrison and Foerster. The news was covered by  The Recorder, Getting the Deal Through, Intellectual Property

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Rimon’s Latest Partners’ Arrivals Extensively Covered by the Press

News February 01, 2018
Rimon's latest arrivals to the firm, Lillian Stenfeldt and Roy Kozupsky, were covered by Law360, LexisNexis, GRR, LawFuel, Global Banking & Finance Review, Massachusetts Lawyers and The Recorder. Lillian Stenfeldt joins Rimon from Sedgwick where she served as chair of the bankruptcy practice.

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Powerhouse Litigator Matt Poppe’s Move from Orrick to Rimon Covered by The Recorder and Law360

News July 25, 2017
Mr. Poppe, who had a long career at Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, discussed his decision to move from a Partner position at Orrick to Rimon with Law360 and The Recorder. “[Rimon is] a terrific platform,” he said. “It’s rapidly growing, but in particular locations like San Francisco and Palo Alto

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Are Law Firm Mergers Good for Clients and Lawyers?

Insight Michael Moradzadeh Michael Moradzadeh · June 15, 2016
Only a few years ago, a firm with 300 lawyers was considered very large. However, the legal world has grown used to seeing firms with over 5,000 lawyers. This is due to the rise of mega-firms due to a growing "grow or die” policy by law firms looking for a response to a rapidly changing business world. But is it working?  The same

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Is the Traditional Law Firm Compensation System Hurting Clients, Lawyers, and Law Firms?

Insight Michael Moradzadeh Michael Moradzadeh · June 01, 2016
The start of a new year is always a time for big changes in a law firm partner’s life. Suddenly, lawyers get to meet all new people. Why? Because the start of the year is when laterals — partners and associates — start jumping firms. This is not due to exciting New Year’s resolutions to meet new people or try out new

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Alternative Fee Arrangements

Insight Michael Moradzadeh Michael Moradzadeh · June 30, 2011

The most radical changes in law firm billing which have occurred during the last two years has been the advent of value billing Alternative Fee Arrangements (“AFA’s). These billing arrangements are aimed at destroying or at least seriously maiming the invidious hourly billing process, which creates economic incentives for inefficiency. The hourly rate may be either dead, suffering a lingering death or in a simple state of somnolence, depending only on whether the observer is an optimist, a pragmatist or an ostrich.

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