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Entries tagged “Trademarks & Copyrights”

Warhol, Prince and a Case of Vanity Perhaps Not-So-Fair: Even Fine Art Colossuses Need Inspiration

Insight Sam Miller Sam Miller · July 10, 2019
What could be more flattering than arguably the greatest pop fine artist of all time copying your work? Well fine art photographer, Lynn Goldsmith, apparently wasn’t all too flattered when she saw Andy Warhol’s ‘Prince Series’ (of the singer, once known as “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince” or that

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Joe Rosenbaum, Digital/Mobile Media, Advertising, Marketing and Entertainment Pioneer Joins Rimon’s New York office

News August 01, 2016
New York – Joseph I. Rosenbaum, a leading nationally and internationally recognized commercial lawyer, has joined Rimon Law as a Partner in its New York office.  Mr. Rosenbaum joins Rimon from Reed Smith where he was previously a partner. Mr. Rosenbaum represents major multinational companies, emerging growth businesses, as well as

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Strengthening Commercial Identity: Trademarks and Small Businesses

Insight October 05, 2012

Somewhere in the suburbs of Seattle, never mind where exactly, there is a little apocryphal, bakery called FRIAR ANGELINO’S.  It makes the best bread imaginable – a circle of sourdough, with a flaky outer crust and a warm, spongy interior.  Above the entrance is an old weather-beaten sign depicting a rotund, smiling monk, with a bottle of wine in one hand and a loaf of bread in the other.  Not long ago, an investor approached the owner.  A deal was struck, and now FRIAR ANGELINO’S bakery franchises are springing up throughout the region.  The loaves of bread have also begun appearing in supermarkets, wrapped in simple brown paper bearing the bakery’s trademark:  the name FRIAR ANGELINO’S and a picture of a fat, smiling monk.

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Skee-Ball accuses Brewskee-Ball of cheating (ala trademark infringement)

Insight January 06, 2012

Did you know SKEE-BALL’s a trademark?  And an infringed trademark at that?  Well, maybe.

You remember Skee-Ball, don’t you?  The game in which you roll a ball up a table hoping to do so with just enough force so that it hits the ridge at the end of the table and bounces up into the smallest of holes, which awards the most prize tickets.  Small amounts of prize tickets could be redeemed for plastic trinkets, while larger amounts could buy you goodies like stuffed animals or even TVs and VCRs.

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Who Owns The Copyright In Work Created By A Contractor? A Trap For The Unwary

Insight December 29, 2011

It’s really basic: ownership of the copyright in work a business pays for can often be critical for successful commercialization of that work. Unfortunately, the U.S. Copyright Act contains arcane provisions that will often produce a counterintuitive result – leaving full copyright ownership with the contractor. How could this possibly be??

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Stop Online Piracy Act: fair play or a stacked deck?

Insight December 22, 2011

Currently under debate in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Stop Online Piracy Act (“SOPA”) would provide the Attorney General and copyright holders with tools to combat copyright infringement and trafficking of counterfeit goods. Whether the bill goes too far, though, is under heavy scrutiny. Opponents to SOPA, including Internet giants such as Google and Facebook, worry that the bill will result in Internet censorship akin to China’s Internet firewall. Others, including the RIAA and MPAA, believe it is necessary to protect U.S. intellectual property.

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Hey, Chick-fil-A: Eat (More) Crow! This is not Trademark Infringement.

Insight November 29, 2011

  Do you imagine crow tastes good with chicken?  Maybe we should ask the legal eagles representing Chick-fil-A, whom I suspect now have first-hand knowledge of the answer to that question.

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Domain Name Switch Costs More Than Banks Bargained For

Insight November 14, 2011

Switch DC 253x300

Back when the internet was still the Wild West, prospectors raced to register domain names comprised of third parties’ brands for the purpose of selling the domain name registration to the brand owner at a premium.  Congress and ICANN acted to remedy this through the Anti-Cybersquatting Piracy Act (ACPA) and Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) respectively.  Somehow, some people missed that legal development, including a Canadian fellow named Dorian Banks.

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Geekview IP week(s) Review

Insight October 09, 2011


CA Water District’s new domain names unfairly drown out Central Basin Municipal Water District.

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Apple Tribute Infringement?

Insight October 07, 2011

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On October 5, 2011 Steve Jobs died and the world lost a great man.

In honor, one of my tech friends, Eric Greenspan of Make It Work, posted the above image to his Facebook page yesterday afternoon, which I immediately “Liked.”  (Eric also took part in a moving HuffPost Tribute to Steve Jobs, which can be seen here).  Let me correct myself; I immediately loved this image.  It’s so simple and powerful.  It’s the perfectly beautiful human side of Apple.  It made me teary-eyed.

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