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Entries tagged “Financial Information”

CLE Webinar: Content Governance and Management in the Era of Big Data: A Road Map to the Risks and Opportunities

Information, Records and Content Governance is a critical component of doing business in the 21st century. Opportunities abound for organizations to leverage Big Data for profit. The incentives for companies to share information—internally and with customers, vendors and other outside partners—have risen dramatically. Leading companies

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Thinking about the Broad Ramifications of Increasing Longevity

Insight Thomas M. White Thomas M. White · September 03, 2015

Longevity is increasing throughout the world and this trend has significant implications for all of us including businesses, investors  employees and their families, the governments that provide benefits and a social safety net and investment firms that provide investment vehicles. Please read Rimon Partner Thomas White's special report on the practical consequences of longevity below.

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The Federal Government Moves Toward Increasing Privacy Online

Insight February 11, 2011

The tides of online privacy are changing quickly.  Businesses may be collecting more information than they need and sometimes sharing it without the informed consent of consumers.  The federal government intends to curb this by modifying current protection for consumers, offering more precise guidelines for businesses, and creating greater transparency in consumer-business relations.

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