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Entries tagged “Online Privacy”

US-EU data transfers: The fragile framework of the privacy shield?

Insight April 18, 2017
In the latest issue of Risk & Compliance, Rimon’s Jill Williamson discusses the future of the new Privacy Shield framework for transferring data from the EU to the US, which was finalized in July 2016. "At its inception, the Privacy Shield had holes, and since the issuance of Executive Order 13768 on 25 January 2017, concerns about the

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The Federal Government Moves Toward Increasing Privacy Online

Insight February 11, 2011

The tides of online privacy are changing quickly.  Businesses may be collecting more information than they need and sometimes sharing it without the informed consent of consumers.  The federal government intends to curb this by modifying current protection for consumers, offering more precise guidelines for businesses, and creating greater transparency in consumer-business relations.

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