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Entries tagged “Venture”

Enterprise Playbook: Legal Challenges & Customer Relations During COVID-19

Insight Dror Futter Dror Futter · June 22, 2020
Rimon Partner Dror Futter was recently featured in venture fund Work-Bench’s Enterprise Playbook Series. In his article, Dror covers topics such as: How to best handle customer and contract evaluation, contract renegotiation, contract renewal, contract termination, handling non-paying customers, and force majeure. Read more here. Dror

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The entrepreneur’s guide to surviving corona featured in U.S. 1 News

Insight Dror Futter Dror Futter · May 28, 2020
Remember all those articles about whether venture was overvalued? With blinding speed, they now seem quaint. Bluntly stated, most venture backed companies are in a fight for survival. Although certain areas of life sciences may do somewhat better, I think the impact will be widely felt. Complicating the fight is the fact that no one can predict

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Retroactive Pay-to-Play Coming to a Venture Theater Near You

Insight Dror Futter Dror Futter · May 10, 2020
Retroactive pay-to-plays are not common in a rising market but are likely to become very common over the next year or two. When inside investors "pass the hat" for the next funding round, those investors unable/unwilling to fund their pro-rata could confront some very harsh consequences. Even for companies that already have pay-to-play

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