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Entries tagged “Force Majeure”

Rimon Partner Joe Rosenbaum featured in the Cyberspace Lawyer with article, “Managing Contract Risks & Remedies in a Time of Coronavirus”

Insight Joseph I. (“Joe”) Rosenbaum Joseph I. (“Joe”) Rosenbaum · July 02, 2020
Joe Rosenbaum's article "Managing Contract Risks & Remedies in a Time of Coronavirus", featured in the Thomson Reuters publication Cyberspace Lawyer, Volume 25, Issue 5. Read the publication below. Joe Rosenbaum is a New York‐based partner at Rimon, P.C. and Chair of Rimon’s Global Alliance.  Rimon is an innovative

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Enterprise Playbook: Legal Challenges & Customer Relations During COVID-19

Insight Dror Futter Dror Futter · June 22, 2020
Rimon Partner Dror Futter was recently featured in venture fund Work-Bench’s Enterprise Playbook Series. In his article, Dror covers topics such as: How to best handle customer and contract evaluation, contract renegotiation, contract renewal, contract termination, handling non-paying customers, and force majeure. Read more here. Dror

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Memo on Force Majeure and COVID-19

Insight Juan Zuniga Juan Zuniga · Mariana Acedo Mariana Acedo · March 31, 2020
COVID-19: Excuse of Contractual Performance under California Civil Code Section 1511 The pandemic related to COVID-19 and the economic impact resulting from various stay-at-home orders raises concerns of whether such circumstances can justify non-performance of certain contractual obligations including under leases, loans or commercial contracts.

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Managing Contract Risks & Remedies in a Time of Coronavirus

Insight Joseph I. (“Joe”) Rosenbaum Joseph I. (“Joe”) Rosenbaum · March 31, 2020
While it’s sometimes said that one person’s failure to plan ahead doesn’t constitute an emergency for everyone else, but one couldn’t plan ahead for this current Coronavirus pandemic that now has indeed created an unprecedented, unforeseeable emergency with many scrambling to evaluate the consequences of a failure or

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