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Entries tagged “Licensing”

New California Finance Lender Licensing and Residential Mortgage Lending Act Regulations Effective September 28, 2016: Financial Institution Subsidiaries and Affiliates Now Subject to Licensure!

Insight John R. Mussman John R. Mussman · Q. Scott Kaye Q. Scott Kaye · September 07, 2016
The California Finance Lenders Law exempts banks, thrifts and certain other financial institutions from its licensing requirements imposed on finance lenders and brokers.1 Similarly, the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act exempts banks, trust companies, savings and loan associations and other thrifts2 from its licensing requirements.3

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Patent Infringement Damages May Now Be Calculated Differently

Insight Michael Moradzadeh Michael Moradzadeh · January 12, 2011

In Uniloc v. Microsoft, an appeals court issued a decision that may change how infringement damages are calculated by precluding the use of the "25 percent rule of thumb" which has been used to calculate damages in most patent cases for the past fifteen years.  This decision marks an important step towards requiring patent plaintiffs to rigorously prove damages with facts connected to the value of the patented invention, and it is likely that future courts will more strictly scrutinize patent damages evidence. 

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