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Entries tagged “Ira”

Two Special Trusts to “Stretch” IRAs

Insight Brent Nelson Brent Nelson · June 08, 2020
After the SECURE Act, most IRA beneficiaries are required to withdraw the balance of the account within 10 years after the owner’s death. The details of those rules can be found in Brent's prior post here. In that post, Brent also introduced the concept of using an Accumulation Trust (i.e. a trust as beneficiary of an IRA

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IRA Trust Beneficiaries after the Secure Act by Rimon Partner Brent Nelson

Insight Brent Nelson Brent Nelson · January 10, 2020
There are two schools of thought on naming at trust as a beneficiary of an IRA: (1) NEVER DO IT, and (2) do it if it meets your goals. The First camp lives and dies on the belief that naming a trust accelerates distributions from the IRA–thus more tax sooner, and that is usually bad. The Second camp lives and dies on playing with somewhat

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