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Entries tagged “Israel Transactions”

Learning to Love Tax Amnesties in Israel and the United States. Jerusalem Post

Insight August 12, 2015

The world is getting smaller and it is getting harder to leave a pile of money in a far off corner unnoticed and untaxed. That is thanks to overlapping initiatives of the Unit ed States (FATCA), the Israeli Tax Authority, the Bank of Israel (directive to Israeli banks to check deposits are taxed) and the OECD (common reporting standard). In parallel, the US, Israel and other countries are offering voluntary disclosure procedures , commonly known as amnesties.

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Important Tax Issues for Companies with U.S. and Israeli Operations

Insight September 17, 2009

If you are a company with operations in both the United States and Israel, you should be aware of several very important U.S. and Israeli Tax issues when you engage in cross border operations. I have set forth below several of the main issues. This list is not exhaustive and only reflects briefly the main tax issues. Other issues such as employment, banking, intellectual property rights, custom duties etc. will be addressed in other communications.

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