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Entries tagged “Trade Tech”

A Blockchain Innovator’s Guide to IP Strategy, Protecting Innovation, and Avoiding Infringement

Insight Marc Kaufman Marc Kaufman · April 02, 2018
Rimon's Intellectual Property and Fintech Partner, Marc Kaufman, is the lead author of this white paper which offers background information on the subject of intellectual property (IP) law and provides high-level guidance on how critical aspects impact individual innovators, groups of founders, or entities operating in the

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How Blockchain will Change IP - Trade Marks and Brands

Insight Marc Kaufman Marc Kaufman · March 09, 2018
Blockchain technology is well suited for aiding the registration and enforcement of intellectual property rights. Rimon Partner, Marc Kaufman, is quoted in Managing Intellectual Property's article regarding his insights and vision into how this technology can change the way we manage intellectual property rights. Click here to view the

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Collaboration or competition: What is really driving trade tech?

Insight Marc Kaufman Marc Kaufman · April 18, 2017
As blockchain technology is more widely adopted in commercial applications, the various players in the ecosystem will have to deal with intellectual property issues and risks. Many players believe that cooperation is key to fostering innovation in the ecosystem. This article summarizing many of the issues includes comments from Rimon Partner Marc

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