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Entries tagged “Universities”

Rimon Partner Stephen Trachtenberg’s New Book, “Leading Colleges and Universities: Lessons from Higher Education Leaders,” Gets Excellent Review by Washington Times.

News June 01, 2018
In his previous book, “Presidencies Derailed: Why University Leaders Fail and How To Prevent It,” Rimon’s Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, along with Gerald B. Kauvar and E. Grady Bogue, analyzed unsuccessful college presidencies for guidance toward more effective leadership. His latest book, “Leading Colleges and Universities:

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Rimon’s Stephen Trachtenberg discusses the future of college accreditation in his op-ed in the Council for Higher Education Accreditation

Insight Stephen Joel Trachtenberg Stephen Joel Trachtenberg · March 01, 2017
President emeritus, university professor at the George Washington University and Rimon Partner, Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, shares his informative and thought-provoking views on the evolution and future of higher education and universities' roles; "Education has become a fee-for-service business” states Dr. Trachtenberg. As part of

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