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Entries tagged “Technology”

ICOs, Cryptocurrencies and Tokens – the SEC Speaks

Insight Dror Futter Dror Futter · August 04, 2017
The SEC has issued its first, much anticipated statement on the regulatory status of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings).   Click here to read our analysis of the questions the SEC answered and, perhaps more importantly, the questions that remain unresolved. Mr. Futter has more than 20 years of high tech and business experience. He

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Trade Secrets and How They Can Plunge Tech Companies Into Expensive Litigation. Mr. Futter for Raconteur

Insight Dror Futter Dror Futter · May 10, 2017
As technology reshapes the way we live and work, trade secrets have become very important. They have unleashed an unprecedented boom in litigation, legislation and media attention. And some investors and companies have found themselves in court or facing damages in the hundreds of millions of dollars. “Trade secrets are the hardest

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How to Telecommute Without Being Remote

Insight Michael Moradzadeh Michael Moradzadeh · May 10, 2017
In this article published in Law360, Rimon’s CEO Michael Moradzadeh argues that allowing lawyers to work remotely can be counterproductive if the firm's entire model and culture does not ensure that telecommuters are equally connected to the firm's social and professional communities. “To take full advantage of the

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Joe Rosenbaum, Digital/Mobile Media, Advertising, Marketing and Entertainment Pioneer Joins Rimon’s New York office

News August 01, 2016
New York – Joseph I. Rosenbaum, a leading nationally and internationally recognized commercial lawyer, has joined Rimon Law as a Partner in its New York office.  Mr. Rosenbaum joins Rimon from Reed Smith where he was previously a partner. Mr. Rosenbaum represents major multinational companies, emerging growth businesses, as well as

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Rimon’s John Isaza quoted by Corporate Secretary and CCH on IRS’s claim that hack into taxpayers’ records was not a data breach.

Insight June 09, 2015

Rimon Partner John Isaza, head of information governance and records management practices, believes that the unlawful access to taxpayers' prior-year tax return through the app 'Get Transcript' is not necessarily a data breach.  'It's more an issue of taking the hacking to the next level,' he says.  They've been collecting all this data by hacking and now that they've collected it, they're in the new frontier: mining for assets from vulnerable sites.'

Isaza goes on to discuss several steps that companies and other organizations need to take to prepare for, and respond effectively to, these new threats.

You can read the full Corporate Secretary article here, and you can read the full CCH article in the June 4, 2015, issue number 23, Federal Tax Weekly newsletter.

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Corporate Governance in the Lifecycle of a Pre-Sales Revenue Biotechnology Venture Destined for IPO Success

Insight Mark H. Mirkin Mark H. Mirkin · August 14, 2014
So how do biotech ventures govern themselves to run efficiently while complying with state corporate law statutes and state and federal securities laws and regulations imposed by stock exchanges? Frugality that is often self-imposed by scientific founders and then endorsed by the angel investors and venture capital company investors that follow

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Capital Structure Particulars in the Lifecycle of a Pre-Sales Revenue Biotechnology Venture Destined for IPO Success

Insight Mark H. Mirkin Mark H. Mirkin · July 31, 2014
The public securities markets and the underwriters that lead biotech companies into them dictate a common capital structure suitable for IPOs, which structure almost always deviates starkly from the capital structure of the venture at inception and during its growth phase. Startups frequently commence corporate life structured as limited liability

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Introducing a New Drug Into the Marketplace in the Lifecycle of a Pre-Sales Revenue Biotechnology Venture Destined for IPO Success

Insight Mark H. Mirkin Mark H. Mirkin · July 24, 2014
Mindful that this series of articles describes biotech ventures that are ripe for initial public offerings even before launching an income-producing drug product into the commercial market, the paramount objective for all such ventures is to manufacture drugs and commence marketing, sales and distribution thereof as soon as possible. As you read

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Rimon Law welcomes Silicon Valley Intellectual Property Lawyer and Technologist-in-Residence Robert Lee

News June 26, 2014
Furthering its reputation for innovation and as a leader in intellectual property protection in Silicon Valley, Rimon is pleased to announce the addition of Robert H. Lee as its Technologist-in-Residence. He is also Research Fellow in Law, Science & Technology at Stanford University. Mr. Lee focuses on intellectual property protection, angel

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Success Protecting Intellectual Property in the Lifecycle of a Pre-Sales Revenue Biotechnology Venture Destined for IPO

Insight Mark H. Mirkin Mark H. Mirkin · April 22, 2014
For a drug discovery start-up, patent protection of the intellectual property underlying the commercialization pursuit is critically important. If the company is a university or research institution spin-out that obtained licensed rights to intellectual property through a technology transfer, either the licensor or the licensee – as set

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