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Entries tagged “Legal Development”

Rimon’s Michael Moradzadeh Writes in the American Bar Association Journal about How Law Firms Need to Adapt for Millennial Partners

Insight Michael Moradzadeh Michael Moradzadeh · June 01, 2018
In this ABA Journal article, Rimon’s CEO, Michael Moradzadeh, writes how law firms need to adapt in order to meet the expectation of millennials, who are now rising in the ranks within these law firms. He explains how Rimon Law developed its business model based on these shifting expectations and technology, resulting in an ability to

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New California Finance Lender Licensing and Residential Mortgage Lending Act Regulations Effective September 28, 2016: Financial Institution Subsidiaries and Affiliates Now Subject to Licensure!

Insight John R. Mussman John R. Mussman · September 07, 2016
The California Finance Lenders Law exempts banks, thrifts and certain other financial institutions from its licensing requirements imposed on finance lenders and brokers.1 Similarly, the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act exempts banks, trust companies, savings and loan associations and other thrifts2 from its licensing requirements.3

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