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Entries tagged “Bitcoin”

Rimon Named a Top Cryptocurrency Law Firm by both LawFuel and Coinnounce

News March 05, 2019
Rimon was cited by LawFuel and Coinnounce as one of the best law firms to advise on the legal structures of cryptocurrencies and the regulatory environment around them. Both publications list Rimon as a top law firm in the crypto space, and stress the importance of finding qualified law firms with robust experience in the complex

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Rimon Partner Marc Kaufman Named FinTech Sector IP Attorney of the Year

News November 05, 2018
Patent Strategy Partner, Marc Kaufman, was named FinTech Sector IP Attorney of 2019 in Washington D.C. by Corporate INTL Magazine. Marc Kaufman concentrates his practice in the area of patent strategy, in particular, advising clients in protecting, managing and monetizing their intellectual property assets. He has

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The Emerging Patent Risk for Blockchain Technology

Jul 20, 2018 5:30PM - 7:30PM PST

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Worldwide patent filings directed to blockchain technology are increasing at an exponential rate. As a result, even the open-source ethos in the community will not insulate innovators from patent risk. Rimon's Patent Strategy Partner, Marc Kaufman, will discuss the patent landscape, the commensurate risk, and how it can be managed with an

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A Blockchain Innovator’s Guide to IP Strategy, Protecting Innovation, and Avoiding Infringement

Insight Marc Kaufman Marc Kaufman · April 02, 2018
Rimon's Intellectual Property and Fintech Partner, Marc Kaufman, is the lead author of this white paper which offers background information on the subject of intellectual property (IP) law and provides high-level guidance on how critical aspects impact individual innovators, groups of founders, or entities operating in the

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What’s New with Tax Aspects of Virtual Currency in 2018?

Insight Melinda Fellner Bramwit Melinda Fellner Bramwit · March 14, 2018
It’s everywhere. Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency funds. Millennials mining.   The rules applicable to taxation of virtual currency transactions have been around for a few years.  Here’s a helpful primer on the main points. Click here to view the article.

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How Blockchain will Change IP - Trade Marks and Brands

Insight Marc Kaufman Marc Kaufman · March 09, 2018
Blockchain technology is well suited for aiding the registration and enforcement of intellectual property rights. Rimon Partner, Marc Kaufman, is quoted in Managing Intellectual Property's article regarding his insights and vision into how this technology can change the way we manage intellectual property rights. Click here to view the

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SEC Chairman Calls Out ICO Lawyers in January 22 Remarks

Insight Dror Futter Dror Futter · January 24, 2018
"If You Can’t Hear Me, I’ll Speak a Little Louder!” - SEC Chairman Clayton followed up critical remarks on ICO market advisors in December with new, blunt criticisms of many ICO attorneys. Read the full story and insights here.   Mr. Futter has more than 20 years of high tech and business experience. He

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It’s Not Just the SEC - Massachusetts Regulators Sue Resident Who Launched ICO

Insight Dror Futter Dror Futter · January 23, 2018
ICO legal risks may begin but do not end with the SEC, as a Massachusetts-based ICO issuer learned when state regulators sued him for his role in an unregistered ICO. Read the full article here   Mr. Futter has more than 20 years of high tech and business experience. He represents emerging companies and their investors, as well as a

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Mama Don’t Take My KodakCoin Away!

Insight Dror Futter Dror Futter · January 22, 2018
Now Kodak is cashing in on the ICO craze with its newly announced KodakCoin. Buried beneath the hype, however, is a very interesting use case. Read the full article here Mr. Futter has more than 20 years of high tech and business experience. He represents emerging companies and their investors, as well as a wide range of technology

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Real Estate Can Now be Purchased Through Blockchain

Insight Dror Futter Dror Futter · January 05, 2018
Real estate in California can now be purchased through blockchain. Some organizations are aiming to overcome the complicated processes and fee systems associated with real estate investments and transactions through the use of blockchain technology. This move could force lending and title industries to adapt to this new concept. American

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