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Rimon’s website named best law firm website by One400

News Michael Moradzadeh Michael Moradzadeh · June 16, 2015

One400 named Rimon's website as one of the top four law firm websites. According to One400 Rimon's site "is one of the first law firm websites we have come across that features a full-page background video which quickly sends a message that this law firm is innovative and different. Adding to the dynamism of the homepage, the site also features a running queue of recent news, demonstrating how active the firm is. When you get to the navigation, there are a lot of nifty features such as being able to search directly for a member within the dropdown menu, or having an image of a particular location and its contact information appear as you hover over the name of each location. Curious as to how these features would behave on smaller handheld devices, we found that the site works just as well on a phone, with certain features adapted specifically for these devices where hovering isn’t possible. The attention to a high performing mobile site and the sleek organization of content certainly sets the bar for all law firm websites."

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