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Rimon’s Patricia Annino completes volumes 21 and 22 of the Massachusetts Practice Series on Probate Law

Insight Patricia Annino Patricia Annino · August 21, 2019

Probate Law and Practice with Forms is a guide to probate of estates featuring forms, expert analysis, and treatment of will contests, taxation, guardians, personal representatives, trusts, sales, mortgages, and appeals and review.

Probate Law and Practice with Forms (Massachusetts Practice Series, Volumes 21 and 22) is an invaluable guide to the probate of any estate and provides extensive forms and expert analysis. These volumes include comprehensive treatment of will contests, taxation, guardians, personal representatives, trusts and trustees, sales, mortgages, and appeals and review.

The Third Edition includes extensive new discussion on topics including:

  • Non-judicial settlement agreements and updated discussions of antenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Descent and distribution of property
  • Settlements and advancements
  • Estates of deceased nonresidents
  • Insolvent estates of deceased persons
  • Probate titles to property
  • Administration of intestate estates
  • Kinds of administration
  • Appointment of personal representative in probate of will
  • Bonds of fiduciaries
  • Payment of debts and legacies
  • Suits on probate bonds
  • Death, resignation or removal of personal representative
  • Nature and kinds of trusts
  • Appointment and removal of trustees
  • Accounts of trustees
  • Guardianship and temporary guardianship

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Patricia M. Annino is a partner in Rimon’s Trust and Estates Group. A nationally recognized authority on estate planning and taxation. Ms. Annino has more than 30 years of experience serving the diverse needs of families, individuals, and owners of closely-held businesses. Prior to joining Rimon, Ms. Annino worked at Prince Lobel, where she served as Chair of the firm’s Estate Planning and Probate Group. Ms. Annino’s practice includes all aspects of private client work, including estate planning; will and trust planning; incapacity planning; prenuptial and postnuptial agreements; estate litigation; advising executors, trustees and beneficiaries and administration of estates and trusts.  Read more.

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