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Jill Berliner quoted in Vogue article about infringement of Rimon client Nirvana’s copyright

News Jill H. Berliner Jill H. Berliner · August 09, 2019

Rimon Partner Jill Berliner was recently quoted in Vogue Business about copyright infringement on popular rock band Nirvana.

Last year, Marc Jacobs released a Grunge Redux line with a T-shirt that had a familiar look. Nirvana also noticed the smiley face logo, which resembles the one famously used on its merchandise. That led Nirvana LLC, which is formed of Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, as well as the estate of Kurt Cobain, to sue Marc Jacobs International for copyright infringement. Read the full article here.


From "baby bands" to multi-platinum and Grammy Award-winning artists, record and publishing companies, professional athletes, authors, and Oscar-winning filmmakers, Ms. Berliner has represented artists, songwriters, managers, producers, production companies, athletes, authors, film producers, directors, actors, writers, telecommunications companies, and related businesses originating from throughout the U.S., in the UK and Europe, Canada, Australia, and Latin America for over 30 years. Read more.