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Rimon Partner Stephen Trachtenberg Named Fellow of the American Bar Foundation Again.

News Stephen Joel Trachtenberg Stephen Joel Trachtenberg · February 29, 2016

Rimon Partner Stephen J. Trachtenberg, President Emeritus at The George Washington University, has been named a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation.

Inclusion in The Fellows list is restricted to less than one percent of attorneys licensed to practice in each jurisdiction. The nominations come from other current Fellows in each legal realm and the final election is made by the Board of the American Bar Foundation.

The Fellows of the American Bar Foundation are an honorary organization of lawyers, judges, and legal scholars whose public and private careers have demonstrated outstanding dedication to the welfare of their communities and to the highest principles of the legal profession. The Fellows offer integral support to the ABF through their annual contributions and sponsor programming of direct relevance to leaders of the legal profession.

Mr. Trachtenberg who holds a Master’s Degree on Public Administration by Harvard University and achieved his J.D. from Yale University has been recognized several times by different legal institutions and was named a Fellow last year as well.

You can access Stephen's full biography here