Navigating Through the Digital Turbulence Seminar

Events April 19, 2017

Navigating Through the Digital Turbulence is a seminar focused on the legal challenges that arise as internet-based operation and communication build up a “Digital Haystack,” including keeping up to date with technological innovations, understanding diverse collaborative tools such as blogs and wikis, and of course instant messaging and email. The law requires companies to find the “needles” within this Digital Haystack — in other words, the records that should be preserved for operational, historical and legal needs, plus the broader evidence that must be held for discovery.

The first part of this course will discuss the factors that pose challenges: 1) the legal issues created by collaborative tools and “distributed data” (i.e., a specific result of the Digital Haystack as opposed to unstructured data); and 2) the rising costs in the current legal environment. The course will next address the overall legal impact the above factors have on businesses.  Finally, the seminar will propose legally defensible records management policies and procedures, including legal hold policies and procedures, to address the Digital Haystack problem.

Agenda overview:

  • Clouds and Web 2.0:  how companies must meet the legal challenges that accompany cloud-based computing.
  • Social Media and Its Effects on Information Governance: Management of social media is a critical component of a comprehensive records and information governance program. Social Media creates a legal minefield for professionals preparing for e-discovery and for records managers trying to meet compliance requirements. In this session, participants will: 1) Learn about legal requirements impacting social media management; 2) Take away examples of the types of social media records and documents that are discoverable; 3) Assess electronic evidence obstacles and social media challenges to prepare and protect your organization in e-discovery and recordkeeping compliance.
  • Mock Deposition: This brief demonstration will illustrate for the audience the types of questions that may be asked during a deposition pertaining management of policy, legal holds, and records retention implementation.

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John Isaza, Esq is a California-based attorney, CEO of Information Governance Solutions featuring Virgo™, a cloud-based software for records management and global research, and partner at Rimon, where he chairs the records management and information governance practice. Mr. Isaza is one of the world’s foremost experts in the field. He has developed information governance and records retention programs for some of the most highly regulated Global 1000 companies.