Legal Futures UK Reports on Rimon Global Expansion

News Legal Futures UK Reports on Rimon Global Expansion Michael Moradzadeh · Legal Futures UK Reports on Rimon Global Expansion Roger Parker · April 27, 2021

Legal Futures interviewed Rimon CEO and Founding Partner, Michael Moradzadeh, on Rimon’s expansion into the United Kingdom.

Highlights of the interview include:

On the New Rimon London office and plans to build UK presence

Chief executive Michael Moradzadeh told Legal Futures that he was very ambitious and would like to see the firm become one of the largest of its type in the UK.

The largest dispersed firms now have up to 300 lawyers, which Mr. Moradzadeh said was a very realistic number for Rimon.

On Director, United Kingdom and Strategy, Roger Parker, and the value he brings to the firm

Roger Parker has spent his career pushing the boundaries of what his law firms can be and has driven growth with great success. Rimon has an ambitious vision to create and ever-refine a more seamless, tech-savvy, value-based way to deliver top-level legal services that meet the needs of our clients and our lawyers – the law firm of the future.

Mr. Moradzadeh explained that Roger’s proven drive, vision, and ability to execute make him a perfect addition to the Rimon team, and a critical player in the firms continued growth.

On the importance of London as a market

Mr Moradzadeh said London was absolutely key to the plan to build a global practice – which would also mark Rimon out from other dispersed firms, few of which have any overseas operations.

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Rimon has 37 offices across five continents. The firm is widely known as being at the vanguard of legal innovation. The firm has been repeatedly recognized by the Financial Times as one of North America’s most innovative law firms. The firm’s Managing Partners were both named ‘Legal Rebels’ by the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal and have spoken on innovations in the practice of law at Harvard and Stanford Law Schools. Rimon and its lawyers have also received numerous awards for excellence, including from Best Lawyers and Chambers.