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Is Rimon right for me?

Am I right for Rimon?

What makes Rimon the “law firm evolved” or “the law firm of the future”?

What is the difference between a “pyramid structure,” a “flat structure,” and Rimon’s “spherical structure”?

Is Rimon a “virtual law firm”?

What kind of support does Rimon provide?

How is the firm managed?

Who are some of the firm’s clients?

Where do Rimon’s attorneys work?

Do Rimon’s attorneys really work as a team?

Why did Rimon’s attorneys join Rimon?

How do Rimon attorneys meet with their clients?

What is the firm’s compensation structure?

How does Rimon integrate new attorneys?

Where is the firm’s home office, and how do attorneys from Rimon’s various offices interact with one another?

How much flexibility do attorneys possess in setting billing rates and in executing outside-the-box billing structures?

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Why Our Attorneys Chose Rimon

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