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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rimon right for me?

Am I right for Rimon?

What makes Rimon the “law firm evolved” or “the law firm of the future”?

What is the firm’s compensation structure?

What is the difference between a “pyramid structure,” a “flat structure,” and Rimon’s “spherical structure”?

Is Rimon a “virtual law firm”?

What kind of support does Rimon provide?

How is the firm managed?

Who are some of the firm’s clients?

Where do Rimon’s attorneys work?

Do Rimon’s attorneys really work as a team?

Why did Rimon’s attorneys join Rimon?

How do Rimon attorneys meet with their clients?

How does Rimon integrate new attorneys?

Where is the firm’s home office, and how do attorneys from Rimon’s various offices interact with one another?

How much flexibility do attorneys possess in setting billing rates and in executing outside-the-box billing structures?

Why Our Attorneys Chose Rimon

Why Did Our Attorneys Choose Rimon?

Jill Berliner

Entertainment Law Partner
in Los Angeles

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"My clients are very sophisticated and expect the best, so I am very careful about who I trust to work with them. Fortunately, at Rimon, I know I can trust all the members of our team. Over ten Partners in Rimon's team, across five states, three continents, and several practice groups (including litigation, corporate, tax, intellectual property, estate planning, and more) work closely with me to serve my music and entertainment clients. Meanwhile, Rimon's flexible structure allows me to live where I want, and how I want, without sacrificing quality. My clients have been very pleased with my move to Rimon."

Lisa-Marie Monsanto

Project Finance Patner
in Washington, DC

"I was a Partner at Katten before I joined Rimon. Rimon has been a great career choice for me. Rimon is a group highly skilled lawyers in all fields that are part of a full-service firm. Equally important, Rimon lawyers are a team of special people that are cognizant of the day to day challenges lawyers face, be it childcare or elder care, that other law firms unsuccessfully try to address. Rimon puts a premium on taking time to manage your family life while still servicing clients at the highest level. When thinking about joining the firm one colleague told me we actually like each other. It is true. I enjoy spending time with my colleagues both professionally and personally. Rimon is ahead of its time in defining a new law firm model."

Juan Zuniga

Cross-Border Partner
in San Diego

"Having been at two very large firms as well as having run my own firm, I was looking for a firm that would give my clients the benefits of a big law firm without the downside. Rimon provides our clients with comprehensive representation by a team of top attorneys without the downside of excessively high legal bills. Rimon is a full-service firm packed with excellent attorneys in fields such as IP, corporate, M&A and tax. This quality team is what my clients need to help their businesses prosper."

Robin Powers

Financial Services Partner
in New York

"Joining Rimon was truly ideal for me, as the firm emphasizes a work/life balance and encourages us to draw on each other's skill sets to maximize client service. Also, joining Rimon at this time is a unique and exciting opportunity for me in the midst of historic changes in the financial services industry.
Rimon's compensation structure allows lawyers to receive a fixed percentage (which is higher than any law firm that I know of) for the work they generate as well as a fixed fee for hours spent working for other lawyers’ clients. It's clear and transparent."

John Isaza

Records and Information Governance
Partner in Los Angeles

"I was able to easily transition my Fortune 500 clients to Rimon, and have brought 14 Fortune 100 clients to the firm since joining. Rimon's flexible platform was key in making that happen."

Buz Barclay

Corporate Partner
in New York

"I have become as impressed with the depth of thinking that has gone into building the Rimon team as I have with its capabilities. The sensitivity and responsiveness of Rimon's lawyers to the needs and concerns of startups, as well as to the largest and most sophisticated users of legal services, stems from the core values of excellence, innovation, and community. This resonates well with both the entrepreneurs and investors that are my clients.

Frankly, removing inefficiency and unnecessary expenditures just makes so much sense, not only from a businessman’s perspective but from a client’s as well. That was my aim when I joined Rimon: to remove inefficiencies at work so I wouldn’t have clients stuck with the cost of them. At Rimon, I am able to keep a broad focus without getting involved with the bureaucracy of private practice."

Emma Larson

Asset Finance Partner
in Seattle

"I was looking for a better way to maintain and build my niche practice in asset finance when I found Rimon.  I knew I needed a cost structure that provided greater value to my clients as well as experienced partners in complementary service areas to meet the needs of my cross-border practice.  In addition, I was looking for a firm that placed a low premium on bureaucracy and politics and trusted its partners to grow their own practices.  Rimon gives me the flexibility to manage the unpredictable nature of a cross-border practice with the demands of a dual career family.  I am now well placed to meet industry needs and excited about the innovative structures Rimon has to offer."

Melinda Fellner Bramwit

Tax Partner
in New York and New Jersey

"I am a person who believes everything happens for a reason. After twenty plus years as a transactional tax partner in large firm climates, I loved the practice of law but did not love the politics. Rimon approached me, and I could not believe that a place like this existed that could allow me to pursue the intellectual challenges I love, work with stellar professionals in every discipline, and be a part of a group that works as a whole - not as individual parts.  It is a pleasure to be a part of a group that is so forward thinking."

Matthew Poppe

Litigation Partner in Silicon Valley

"I chose Rimon over the traditional law firms I was considering because Rimon gives me more flexibility in how I staff my cases, bill my clients, and divide my time between billable and non-billable work. It also has eliminated guesswork and politics from the partner compensation system--a unique feat. And yet it offers the infrastructure I need to practice IP litigation at the highest level, plus a great team of attorneys with whom to collaborate."

The Rimon Difference
  Rimon AmLaw 100 Boutique Firms Virtual/Cloud-Based
Law Firms
International offices with global reach        
Access to office space        
Investment in artificial intelligence and automation technology        
Decentralized and distributed workforce        
Lack of committees/bureaucracy        
Structured so attorneys can live and work where they want.        
Team and Support
All Partners have many years of proven excellence        
Attorneys work closely together as a team        
Associate and paralegal support        
Full-service team of legal specialists        
Marketing support        
IT support        
Administrative support        
Full-time and dedicated management team        
Computers, software, research tools, office supplies        
Objective compensation model        
Low fixed overhead        
Flexibility in hours billed        
Attorneys paid in full twice a month with no compensation withheld or delayed        
No capital contribution requirement        
Flexibility in billing rates and value-based billing        
Healthcare and benefits        
Compensation Calculator

Attorney Compensation Calculator

Rimon's compensation model is based on this clear and purely objective formula, leaving no room for politics, confusion, or bureaucracy. For your convenience, we have provided this compensation calculator to help you determine what your estimated income would be at Rimon. However, since billing rates are variable, this is only an initial estimate.

  • If you would like to bring other attorneys or paralegals with you to focus primarily on your clients, and have them as part of your financial group ("Your Group"), please click on the appropriate links below and add their salaries.
    Add Service Partner
    Add Associate
    Add Paralegal
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* This estimate includes salary and Federal Payroll Taxes for your team but does not include the cost of benefits or state payroll taxes. The calculations for inbound and outbound revenue is just an estimate and depends on relevant internal fees, which are variable and up to the individual attorneys. Please contact to apply for a lateral attorney position or to learn more. All contacts will be kept strictly confidential.

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