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The tax benefits of making an S-Corporation Election?

Insight Michael Moradzadeh Michael Moradzadeh · January 31, 2010

Many small business owners incorporate their businesses not only for legal protection, but also to reduce owners’ payroll taxes through S-Corp tax election with the IRS. One advantage of an S-Corp is that it gives business owners the ability to reduce their self-employment taxes. Any small business owner who has not made an S-Corp election and uses Schedule C for their personal tax return for 2010 is subject to both employer and employee FICA and Medicare payroll taxes at 15.3% up to $106,800, 2.9% Medicare for Schedule C net income greater than $106,800, and California SDI for 1.1% up to 93,316. If a business owner pays himself/herself a “reasonable salary”, the rest of the net income is not subject to these payroll taxes.