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Marriott’s Costly FCC Fine Shows that Licensing Issues May Lurk in Non-Telecom Transactions

Insight Stephen Díaz Gavin Stephen Díaz Gavin · September 11, 2018

Marriott’s purchase of Starwood Hotels & Resorts turned out to be more costly than expected: in a recent FCC consent decree, Marriott agreed to pay a fine of $504,000 for failing to obtain FCC consent to transfer radio station licenses controlled by Starwood before the purchase was finalized.

Using this and other examples, Stephen Diaz Gavin illustrates the importance of attention to possible FCC licensing issues in due diligence for non-telecom businesses, as well as possible penalties for failing to seek prior FCC approval for a license transfer. Click here to view the article.

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Stephen Díaz Gavin combines legal acumen and litigation experience with public policy advocacy skills to help a diverse range of clients, both international and domestic, in dealing with legal and policy issues facing them in the United States and overseas.               
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