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John Isaza featured in Law.com article on ways legal professionals can leverage social media content

Insight February 08, 2017

In this article, Rimon Partner John Isaza discusses how social media cannot be ignored by attorneys during jury selection. "The requirement of conducting internet research—which in many cases, includes the use of social media—on a potential juror is mandated via a variety of Bar Association ethics opinions and case law."  "...attorneys should know by now to perform due diligence on jury selection. Otherwise, [the court is] going to call a mistrial.” Mr. Isaza claimed.

Also in this article:

  • What legal practitioners and counsels should know about Social Media privacy, information management--AKA Electronically Stored Information (ESI)
  • Social Media Platforms Leverage User Data to Build Character Profiles 
  • Steps to Preserve Social Media Evidence

You can read Law.com's article here

To learn more about the topic, you can watch Mr. Isaza's recent CLE Webinar on Social Media: Ethics and Records Considerations.


Photo Credit: mattjeacock via law.com

John Isaza, Esq., FAI heads the Information Governance & Records Management practice at Rimon. Mr. Isaza is internationally recognized in the emerging legal fields of information governance, as well as records and information management (RIM). He is one of the country’s foremost experts on RIM issues, electronic discovery, and legal holds. He has developed information governance and records retention programs for some of the most highly regulated Fortune 100 companies, including related regulatory research opinions. His clients range from the Fortune 100 to startups.