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Expert Testimony

Rimon’s Expert Testimony counsel help clients and litigation attorneys to appreciate the facts surrounding their disputes, and the strengths and weaknesses of their own positions—as well as those of their adversaries.

Successful litigation requires more than a mastery of the law. It also involves a deep understanding of the facts, and an appreciation of the relationship between case-specific facts and legal standards. That is why Rimon counsel specializing in expert witness work began their legal careers after achieving high levels of professional success in other fields. Today, they work with litigators in law firms large and small to explain complex technological and economic issues in simple English. In the early stages of the dispute, our advice helps lead counsel devise powerful, sustainable, credible strategies geared towards achieving the most favorable possible outcomes consistent with the facts. In the later stages, our reports and testimony help lead counsel present their strongest case to judges and juries.

Our expert services include analyses helpful in numerous areas of litigation, including:

  • Damages, remedies, royalty calculations, and lost wages;
  • Valuation of intellectual property (IP) and other intangible assets;
  • Licensing disputes;
  • Breaches of contract and business torts;
  • Digital copyright issues including anticircumvention;
  • Trade secret and copyright infringement disputes;
  • Custom and practice of the computing, software, and Internet industries;
  • Technical and prior art analyses of software, computing, Internet, and business method patents;
  • Search algorithms, decision support systems, inferential reasoning, and artificial intelligence;
  • Antitrust exposure, competitive effects analysis, and unfair competition claims;
  • Sovereign immunity issues and litigation involving governments;

Our exerpert testimony practice supports negotiation, mediation, and arbitration efforts, as well as litigation.  We have experience serving as shadow experts, non-testifying experts, and trial witnesses.

Rimon's Expert Witness Practice is Headed by