Doing business today often involves interacting with counterparties and colleagues located across the globe. Capital, technology and ideas move across borders instantaneously, and companies and individuals regularly find themselves grappling with legal and business questions and complications involving multiple jurisdictions.

Rimon lawyers work closely with clients based in the United States seeking to do business in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe, and with European clients pursuing business and investment opportunities in the United States. We evaluate, structure and negotiate international and cross-border transactions, and guide clients through contentious legal and regulatory matters involving litigation or arbitration. Rimon boasts a number of attorneys who have lived and worked in the UK and Continental Europe, giving the firm broad and extensive experience in a number of practice areas, thereby enabling us to guide clients through myriad opportunities and challenges. Clients appreciate our keen understanding of how market practices and legal considerations differ between Europe and the US and our ability to customize pragmatic and cost-effective solutions for their business challenges.


  • Commercial Law and Business Regulation
    We counsel clients in a wide range of international transactions, including, among many others, lending and bank finance; public and private equity and debt offerings; mergers, acquisitions, dispositions and joint ventures; cross-border derivatives, prime brokerage and securities lending arrangements; intellectual property and licensing; technology and software; data privacy; aviation and transportation finance; restructurings and insolvencies; energy, infrastructure, real estate and projects finance and development; international taxation; and purchases and sales of par and distressed assets such as syndicated and bilateral loans, accounts receivable, claims and equity instruments.  Our work includes assisting clients with questions of European Union laws and regulations, as well as the laws of the member states of the EU.
  • Clients trust Rimon to collaborate with them in assessing complex business opportunities and challenges; conducting due diligence and other detailed reviews and analyses of potential business opportunities and legal questions; and evaluating sensitive information protected by confidentiality and other restrictions and limitations on use. We also have expertise in counseling clients about the application of US laws, such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, tax and securities laws, to their activities. Rimon has vast experience in crafting and implementing tax efficient multijurisdictional corporate structures and timely revising such structures as required in response to modifications to the tax regimes in the relevant jurisdictions.
  • UK Capital Markets and Financial Services
    A key focus of Rimon’s European work is advising clients on aspects of US law that affect their investments and operations in London and elsewhere in the United Kingdom. Our team represents UK banks, funds and other investors who deploy capital in the United States, as well as US clients transacting business in the UK. Whenever necessary, we team with English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh counsel with whom we have we have worked over many years in order to provide practical guidance about both thorny and relatively straightforward matters. Rimon attorneys cumulatively have decades of experience advising clients on a range of matters involving the UK, including: lending and finance, mergers, acquisitions and dispositions; cross-border derivatives, prime brokerage and securities lending; restructurings and insolvencies; and purchases and sales of par and distressed assets including loans, accounts receivable, claims, securities and other instruments.
  • Litigation/Arbitration
    We also represent clients who are confronted by disputes and other contentious matters, including corporate and internal investigations. We have extensive experience gained from appearing before government agencies and regulators, self-regulatory organizations, courts, arbitrators and mediators. Rimon lawyers have represented more than a dozen European clients, ranging from major investment funds to global production companies to high net worth individuals to publicly traded corporations in products liability matters. These representations have included lead counsel roles in arbitration and litigation throughout the US, including in California, Illinois and New York, assisting European lawyers on aspects of US law related to client disputes pending in England, Jersey and elsewhere in Europe, and providing legal counsel for European clients seeking to enter or expand in the US market. Rimon lawyers have also represented European sovereigns in investor arbitrations and before public international tribunals.


In recent years, Rimon’s European team has represented clients ranging from individuals, including high net-worth individuals and major sports and entertainment figures, to small and mid-sized companies and multinational and global enterprises, as well as sovereign states. Our clients span a range of industries and sectors, including banking, finance and financial services; technology and software; media, sports and entertainment; manufacturing; telecom; automotive and other transportation; energy; and sports, entertainment and media.

Global Partnerships

In addition to the experience and creativity that Rimon attorneys bring to every matter, when necessary we team with a network of trusted counsel in the UK and Continental Europe, including law firms with whom we share long-standing client relationships and lawyers and other professionals we have worked with on both client matters and professional organizations. These collaboration partners share our passion for doing outstanding and cutting-edge legal work for clients efficiently and cost-effectively.

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