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Sports, Entertainment and Recreation

Rimon’s Sports, Entertainment, and Recreation Law practice specializes in complex legal and business transactions litigation, risk management, and  taxation for the music, film and TV, sports, software, and recreation industries.

Rimon’s Sports and Recreation practice focuses on the representation of recreational providers, such as ski areas, climbing gyms, travel outfitters, and outdoor athletes and educators. Rimon’s attorneys have decades of experience representing recreational providers in the defense of sports-related litigation and related matters, such as drafting liability releases that provide recreational providers a complete defense to claims. We have been closely involved in the evolution of the legal doctrine of assumption of risk, for example by briefing the California Supreme Court on issues important to recreational providers. We monitor recreation-related legal issues across the country in order to best advise their clients not only on the current state of the law, but nationwide trends.

Rimon’s Entertainment practice has a particular emphasis on music.  We represent leading recording artists, songwriters, talent managers, producers, production companies, athletes, authors, film producers, directors, actors, writers, and telecommunications companies. We specialize in complex legal and business transactions for the music, film and TV, software, and sports.

We have decades of experience negotiating and structuring the agreements which govern the creative industries at the highest levels, including: 

  • Music recording, production, distribution, licensing, catalog acquisition and catalog transfer agreements;
  • Music publishing, co-publishing, subpublishing, administration, songwriter, and performing rights organization agreements, as well as copyright registrations, renewals, and terminations;
  • Artist and athlete performance, touring, partnership, band member, merchandising, management, agency, endorsement, and sponsorship agreements;
  • Film financing and distribution agreements, actor engagements, rights clearance, composer, music supervisor, and soundtrack acquisitions and distribution agreements;
  • Related corporate agreements, including corporations, joint ventures and LLC’s;
  • Insurance agreements related to all of the above.
  • Related tax advice including choice of entity, loan-out arrangements, sales versus licenses, tax withholding and treaty issues.    

Related Practice Areas

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  • Pre-litigation Counseling
  • Class Actions
  • Government Civil Proceedings
  • Internal Compliance Litigation
  • Licensure Disputes and Proceedings
  • Managed Care Network Disputes
  • Pharmaceutical Pricing Litigation
  • Services Contract Disputes
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Proceedings, including arbitration and mediation
  • All Stages of Litigation, including trial, as well as appellate proceedings
  • Advice & Counseling
  • Employee Compensation
  • Benefit Plans & Arrangements
  • Compensation Negotiation & Documentation
  • Competitive market position
  • Corporate whistleblowing
  • Corporate governance and shareholder-related matters
  • Cross-Border Employment Law Issues
  • Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation
  • ERISA & Benefits Litigation
  • Executive Compensation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Public Disclosure
  • Retention Concerns and Succession Planning
  • Securities Law Compliance
  • Traditional Labor Law
  • Wage-and-Hour
  • Withdrawal 
  • Gift tax minimization through GRATs, family limited partnerships and other structures
  • Dynasty trust planning to avoid estate tax in successive generations
  • Income tax minimization through charitable remainder trusts and direct gifts to private family foundations
  • Preparation of estate tax returns and gift tax returns
  • Intellectual Property Litigation & Consultation
  • IP Consultation, including Technology Assessment, Valuation & Competitive Analysis
  • Unfair Competition Litigation & Misappropriation Litigation
  • Copyrights
  • Trade secrets Litigation
  • Unfair competition, non-compete & licensing cases
  • IP Counseling & Due Diligence
  • Patent Prosecution & Counseling
  • Trademarks
  • Patent Litigation, including plant patent & design patent cases
  • Technology Transfer
  • Foreign Trade & Commerce
  • International Compliance
  • International Joint Ventures
  • Lending & Investment Issues
  • Overseas Distribution Agreements
  • Real Estate
  • Workouts of Distressed Assets

Attorneys in Rimon’s Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Team