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The relationship between the economies of the United States and China continues to grow in scope and complexity. While constant change is the dynamic, Chinese companies looking to do business outside of China and foreign companies seeking business opportunities in China need experienced legal counsel with substantial transactional, intellectual property, and problem-solving experience on their teams.

Rimon’s China Practice Group

Rimon’s China Practice Group has represented many Chinese enterprises in cross-border IP transactions, business investment deals, and dispute resolutions. We have also counseled U.S. companies on a wide range of legal matters with regard to mergers and acquisitions, foreign direct investment, technology transfer, IP protection, and contract negotiation involving Chinese or Asian counterparts. Members of the group are all highly seasoned practitioners, with deep U.S. as well as China experience, who take a “hands-on” approach and are able to counsel boards and senior management at an “enterprise” level of analysis, taking into account political, market, corporate strategy, and tax, legal, and regulatory angles, to a given cross-border matter.

China, as the world’s second largest economy, presents valuable opportunities to the rest of the world. The Chinese economy is driven by unique market forces that are almost unparalleled in other market-based economies. Rimon’s China Practice Group consists of lawyers who have lived in China, worked with Chinese businesses for many years and opened branch offices in China for multi-national law firms. These lawyers spend significant time in Asia with their Chinese and other Asian clients, helping them brainstorm, negotiate, and conclude business transactions and dispute resolution involving the U.S. as well as China and other jurisdictions. We are conversant with the Chinese culture, business practices, and language. We have collaborated with Chinese companies, government agencies, and local law firms, and are familiar with the law, legal system, and business environment of China. We know that in most cross-border matters, the essence of success lies in identifying and then bridging the variations in interpretation, legal and tax outcomes, and corporate strategy on each side, to bring about a “meeting of minds.” We believe that deep experience and core skills are more important than huge resources, especially with the rapid changes in circumstances that attend today’s deal and dispute environments.

To Chinese companies seeking to invest, acquire, or expand in the U.S., Israel, Russia, Europe, North and Latin America, or the Caribbean, Rimon’s attorneys can provide critical guidance and advice. With 31 offices spanning four continents, Rimon is truly a global law firm. Rimon’s International Desks have the experience and network to help Chinese companies to clear legal hurdles and navigate regulatory systems in any major market, and to guide non-Chinese clients in investing, operating, and litigating in China.

Mergers and Acquisitions, Investment & Corporate Transactions

Rimon’s China Practice Group advises both U.S. and Chinese clients regarding legal matters related to real estate, private equity, and venture capital investments, infrastructural projects, corporate restructurings and reorganizations, and public and private mergers and acquisitions throughout the world. Rimon lawyers have represented Fortune 50 companies in connection with their investment and technology transfer to Chinese or Asia-based companies. Rimon lawyers have also assisted Chinese companies in legal matters related to securities offering, corporate governance, equity financing, and regulatory compliance in the U.S. and elsewhere. We have also represented numerous non-Chinese Asian institutions in their China-related matters.

Intellectual Property Transactions

Rimon’s IP team includes IAM top 300 IP strategists and seasoned patent attorneys having years of patent drafting, prosecuting, and dispute resolution experience. Rimon’s IP attorneys have counseled Chinese companies on IP protection and infringement issues before entering the U.S. market, and have worked with Chinese companies looking to acquire or license patents, trade secrets, trademarks or copyrights from U.S. companies. Rimon attorneys have also worked with Chinese companies in their various technology transactions with international companies in industries such as semiconductor, internet, consumer electronics, energy, fintech, and life sciences, working on many different types of agreements. In view of China’s rapid rise as a strong player in the IP protection field, Rimon’s IP attorneys can also help U.S. companies to protect and leverage their IP assets in China through patents, trademarks, trademark prosecution and trademark dispute, licensing agreements, portfolio management, and business contracts. Rimon lawyers have also represented U.S. companies in negotiation of OEM and manufacturing agreements with Chinese companies.

Intellectual Property and Commercial Litigation

Rimon’s IP litigation team has represented many Asia-based clients in a variety of cases including IP (patent and trademark) infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, copyright disputes, and commercial disputes. Rimon’s litigation team has the resources, experience, and local connections required to handle cross-border investigations and litigations relating to China and other Asian countries.

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