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Rimon Partner and President Emeritus at The George Washington University, Stephen J. Trachtenberg, will participate at the Yale Washington CEO CAUCUS.

Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, President Emeritus and University Professor of Public Service at The George Washington University, will be speaking at the upcoming CEO CAUCUS seminar hosted at Yale School of Management.

The CEO CAUCUS is a semiannual roundtable for business leaders, political leaders, and scholars to discuss the business implications of urgent national and global events that span economics, diplomacy, security, energy, environment, regulation, and politics.

It transcends partisan politics to look at specific constructive actions business and political leaders are taking:  Effective Problem Solving amid Election Politics:  Substantive Solutions vs. Simplistic Slapdowns. 

CEO Caucus at a Glance:

  • Timely, critical issues review and crisis response
  • Magnet for U.S. and global decision makers
  • Invitation-only event limited to renowned CEOs across industries
  • Leading policy makers, legislators, key experts, and top administration officials
  • Topics include: business implications of urgent global events on economic, diplomatic, security, energy, environmental, regulatory, and political fronts
  • Unique, interactive format designed for accomplished high-profile figures
  • Discussions facilitated by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Yale Senior Associate Dean

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Mr. Trachtenberg who holds a Master’s Degree on Public Administration by Harvard University and achieved his J.D. from Yale University has been recognized several times by different legal institutions and was named a Fellow last year as well.

You can access Stephen's full biography here