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Getting Rid of the ROT: A Q&A on Data Disposition with John Isaza

Insight July 27, 2017

ROT data (Redundant, Outdated, or Trivial) has increasingly become an issue for all types of corporations.

Not being able to differentiate between the data that must be kept and the irrelevant data can represent a significant cost and create potential regulatory and other repercussions, such as spoliation sanctions, etc.

Many regulations require the preservation of a wide range of information while others demand data’s erasure. Legal holds can occur at any time and organizations can find themselves trapped in long-lasting litigation procedures that force them to preserve large amounts of data years before a suit is filed.

Social media,  the use of mobile devices, the Internet of Things, and technology’s growing ability to monitor, catalog and retain more and more information, just add to an already complicated equation.

Partner John Isaza, head of Rimon’s Information Governance & Records Management practice, explains how to tackle the issue. Learn more here.