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From Drones to Rockets to Driverless Cars – IP is in the Air​

Event Letao Qin Letao Qin

Rimon Partner Letao Qin will moderate this webinar with the topic "From Drones to Rockets to Driverless Cars – IP is in the Air"

This webinar will discuss the role and importance of IP with respect to specific advances in technology. What are the limits of patent enforcement in outer space? What will the future hold as the use of drones becomes more prominent? What helpful lessons can be extracted from the recently-settled feud between Uber and Waymo? How advances in technology are putting IP in the air?  Register here.

About the moderator:

Letao Qin has extensive experience as a patent attorney. Focusing her practice in all aspects of patent and trademark prosecution, procurement and transaction, Dr. Qin has advised Fortune 500 companies, universities, start-ups, and individual inventors to identify, capture, and protect innovations. 

Prior to joining Rimon, Dr. Qin was an in-house counsel at IHHI, a start-up company engaged in nuclear energy research and development. As an in-house counsel, Dr. Qin helped to establish the company’s IP program, working with the engineering team on validation of their innovations. She was pivotal in the establishment of a multi-prong IP protection strategy aimed to protect the company’s business interests, regarding patents and trade secrets.  Learn more about Dr. Qin here.