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Collaboration or competition: What is really driving trade tech?

Insight Marc Kaufman Marc Kaufman · April 18, 2017

As blockchain technology is more widely adopted in commercial applications, the various players in the ecosystem will have to deal with intellectual property issues and risks. Many players believe that cooperation is key to fostering innovation in the ecosystem.

This article summarizing many of the issues includes comments from Rimon Partner Marc Kaufman, who points out that start-up companies are more vulnerable to patent risk than large companies. When this risk deters smaller companies from competing in the market, it “stunts the growth of the industry.”....

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Marc Kaufman is a renowned Intellectual Property and Financial Services attorney. He has assisted clients in managing and monetizing their intellectual property assets and defending against patent assertions in district court and through post-grant administrative proceedings such as inter partes reviews.
Mr. Kaufman focuses his practice on intellectual property and patent strategy in particular. Working extensively in the Fintech space, he also has experience in media and advertising technology, database/search engine and web analytics. His technical work includes distributed ledger technology (DLT) and crypto-currency, securities trading exchanges content aggregation and targeting, digital rights management, database technology, search engine technology and data mining.