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MER Seminar: Can original paper records be destroyed after being imaged?


  • The Federal Rules of Evidence and state equivalents, case law, and a plethora of federal and state statutes and regulations that apply to paper records and their digital images.
  • The few and ever-decreasing exceptions of records that must still be retained in so-called “wet signature” format. A retired judge and a practicing records and information governance attorney will square off to address admissibility and wet signature requirements.
  • How organizations may save tens of thousands of dollars by applying the information in this seminar to their records-storage practices.


  • General rules on retention of imaged records, including the very narrow exceptions for so-called “wet signature” documents,
  • The multiple legal foundations for the admissibility of imaged records,
  • An overview of the ways imaged records are regularly admitted into legal proceedings, and
  • How you can determine the wasted costs of unnecessarily storing imaged paper records.

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John Isaza, Esq is a California-based attorney, CEO of Information Governance Solutions featuring Virgo™, a cloud-based software for records management and global research, and partner at Rimon, where he chairs the records management and information governance practice. Mr. Isaza is one of the world’s foremost experts in the field. He has developed information governance and records retention programs for some of the most highly regulated Global 1000 companies.